Monday, April 22, 2013

And so it begins....

I must admit- I am incredibly apprehensive to post a blog about my journey...of course, that is met with an equal amount of excitement. I've decided to do a daily blog (or mostly daily) so that I can track my progress. Progress for what? Uhh hum, a few things:
  • Becoming vegan once and for all
  • Running the Long Beach Marathon October 13, 2013 (my first full marathon)
  • Journeying into the world of triathlons by completing a spring (September 2013), Olympic (March 2014) and half ironman (June 2014).
  • Beginning personal training with John at the Cobra Kai gym (he also runs the PFN Bootcamp) this Friday April 26.

Before pictures and measurements taken April 22, 2013:

197.8 pounds at 9pm (after a full day of eating)

  • Neck: 13
  • Right arm: 14.5
  • Left arm: 14.5
  • Waist: 37.5
  • Hip: 46.5
  • left thigh: 26.5
  • right thight 25.5
  • left calf 16.5
  • right calf 17.5
  • bust over nipple 41



Why am I doing this??? Because my daughter told me this past weekend that her cousin called her fat. That she didn't want to have a belly anymore...that she HATED her body. My daughter is five. This is partially my fault because of things that I say about food....I don't want her to grow up hating her body. I want her to feel confident and beautiful. I want her to be strong and healthy. By continuing on this journey I can show her that being healthy is possible and that it is fun too. I am doing this so I finally feel comfortable in my own body...and so that she can always feel comfortable in hers.


  1. What a wonderful starting blog! I love all of your goals and reasons. ((((hugs)))) It breaks my heart that our children are worried about what their bodies look like - already. And mine are BOYS...and yes, they still make comments. Tucker is nearly 6 and thinks his thighs are fat. He's a toothpick!!! Making it a priority not to talk about my weight, but rather eat healthy and be active with them. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

  2. Teaching our children to love themselves is so important, what a worthwhile goal. And learning to love yourself as well. I know you will be successful in meeting your goals. Love Ya!

  3. Love, love, love this! I am so proud of you. my girls are also aware of their bodies and are using words like fat and ugly. it's hard to live our own bodies sometimes add we a re on this journey, and you are seeing a great example. Love you♥♥

  4. Such a great Blog! It is so sad that kids are so aware of their body shape at such a young age! Both of my boys are so thin..and I am thankful that they don't have that struggle yet, but think it is so much harder for girls than boys. My boys have been taught that calling others "fat" is bullying and won't be tolerated. I was called fat a lot as a child and am so sensitive to this. I know I can't be sure that they don't say it, but I hope that talking to them seriously about it helps?