Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tackling the fears one by one.

Woo woo...rocked another day!

Food for the day:
The usual breakfast: coffee with soy creamer, water, and a rockin wellness shake. Banana for a snack
 My dad was trying to be nice (he's been staying with me because of his health and some issues with his house).....I took off the egg and as much of the melted cheese as I could to make this a veggie sandwich.
 My snack on the way to the gym! Apple and green bar
 Dinner (that is vegan "chicken")- the miso soup I only had 1/4 of
 My parents were here (again because of their house) this is literally the only piece of lemon merange I had!! Like 2 bites! lol

My workout for the day consisted of a 45 minute run and a 30 minute swim....what did I realize? I tuckered out of the run 5 minutes earlier than I wanted to so I was somewhat disappointed with myself but my HR was up to 174 and I needed to take a breather. I ended up hill walking the last 5 minutes. The swim was a NSV for sure. FIrst of all, I did NOT want to wear my bathing suit in front of anyone and I was terrified to swim at the gym where everyone in the sauna could see me. But with the support of Diane and Mandie, I did it. I am an awful swimmer and it became pretty clear that I will need to take a few classes with a swimming coach in order to know what the hell I'm doing and be able to swim in the tri. I have decided to do a lake sprint tri first...I feel safer in lake water than ocean water. But I did it...yay me! I also spent about 20 minutes in the sweat room (10 minutes after run and 10 minutes after swim). Lovely!
I've decided that the Saucony A5s will be sent back to zappos. They are so darn cute and light...but the elastic that holds the tongue is screwed up on the left foot and I really think that if I run barefoot with them it will rub my foot raw. I really want minimalists that will be wearable without socks (it makes me feel more natural) the hunt continues. I only have 38 days until my half marathon.

OOOOH! On that news front....I found out today that the half marathon course is a RUN ONLY course! Yup...if you stop and walk they will pull you (unless you are at the water table or bathrooms). Also, you have to have a 13 mile pace. It starts in the mountains at a campsite and goes alllllll the way down to the next city at the city hall. I didn't realize I had to run the whole thing. I admit, I'm nervous about this. There is some elevation drops during the first 6 miles so that will help but I'm really scared about being able to do this. I only have 2 long runs until the race....and today was SOOO hard hitting 45 minutes running. I found that running outside seems to be easier for me.....we'll see how my next trail run goes. I think I'm going to do trail running tomorrow. I may try the new trail and make that my NSV for the day. There's a trail called the Pacific Electric. TOmorrow is wine night at my friends so I figured a run would be a good workout....I REALLY don't want to miss spin class seems silly to drive out of my way to go to that gym when the running trial is by my friends. So I think I'll tackle my fear of finding this new trail (I've never been there so I'll have to find out where ot park) and running alone. I'm going to use my new phone along with runkeeper and charity miles to track it. Tomorrow isn't my long run but we'll see what happens. I have a 10 miler planned for Saturday.

So a few things that I'm becoming more aware of:
  1. I'm scared about my personal training session on Friday
  2. I need to get a road bike to train outside one day a week
  3. I need to believe in my ability to push through a high heart rate, aching legs and no breath in order to finish my half
  4. I need to find a swim coach and take a few lessons...and NOT give up on swimming even if it's just what I was doing today because it will build up muscles
  5. I want to find a triathlon training group...but I'm really nervous about it because of my size and inexperience.
  6. Finding minimalist shoes is a pain in the ass.
  7. Oh and that I am awesome ;)
And my thought for the day is summed up with the following pictures. Mainly, I'm kind of irritated with my family for being so unsupportive in my decisions ot become and athlete and for how I want to raise my daughter.


  1. Okay girl... YOU ARE AWESOME. That should have been #1!!! :)

    You are pushing through fears, you are finding what you need work with...and actually figuring out what to do! You have got this.

    I am terribly sorry the fam isn't as supportive with your decision on becoming a healthy athlete. But it's not their's YOURS. And your baby girl will follow in your footsteps, continue making the best footsteps you can girl!!!

  2. Hello, I am new to your blog. I admire your determination in the wake of your fears. Believe you can do it, because you can. I'm sorry if your family doesn't support your dreams, but I hope that doesn't stop you from always continuing to dream and strive to reach reach them. Go get em!